TJ James

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What can you say about a singer/songwriter for whom performing comes as easily as breathing?

TJ James became involved in music at an early age and has been performing professionally since 1995. TJ began his career as a busker, in and around Canberra and developed into one of the city’s most recognised and respected performers.

In addition to performing at many local venues TJ has supported a number of prominent Australian contemporary music artists, including Wendy Mathews and Rick Price. Tim has received amazing acclaim from a number of industry people.

In 2001, TJ released his debut EP "Able Bodied" and supported its promotion with performances interstate. 2003 saw the release of TJ’s self titled album "TJ James", which continued his evolution as a songwriter artist. 2007 saw his latest CD "Another World" released to critical acclaim.

TJ has sold over 2,000 CD's in all with CD's in profit. No mean feat for someone who to date has had no representation or publishing support. TJ markets his own albums online and at his performances.

TJ was born with Cerebral Palsy, but that is just an inconvenience to TJ who sees himself as a musician and family man first and foremost. As he often says, "people don't buy Stevie Wonder's songs because he is blind and I don't want them to buy mine just because I have a disability". 

However, TJ often works to support Cerebral Palsy support organisations across Australia and overseas. These organisations receive a percentage of TJ’s record sales, while assisting with the promotion of his music.

In recognition of his work, in 2005 TJ was invited to perform at the Australian Cerebral Palsy Association’s national conference in South Australia.

TJ and his family now reside in Sydney as  that provides him more opportunities and potential at this stage of his career.