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Name: Sean McCandless

From: Canberra

Got here: Contact

Comments: I havent seen you around in Civic so I am hoping your pretty busy. I loved the new album much more of rock feeling to it. I particularly like the one about record producers. Cheers

Name: Hazard Girl



Name: Tamaroy

From: Canberra Nowra


Got here: Your helpful advice.

Comments: Hello TJ. We stopped by and bought your last CD today in Civic. Lucky us!
Thanks for the song. We both thought it was beautiful and can't wait for your new CD. Your music has come along well. Sorry we couldn't talk long 2C but I promised Tam a sunset on Mt. Ainslie.
Keep up the good work, music and charity. 2C mate. Adios

Name: Sprague Dawley

From: Sweden


Got Here: through W.A.S.P's guestbook

Comments: Bon Scott and The Saints forever and welcome to visit our site at

Name: Ditte Nielsen

From: Spain


Got Here: Through lengthy search on the internet.............

Comments: What a fantastic web page!! Well done!

Name: J & J & J & O

From: Kambah

Got Here: Just stumbled across it when I did a search of "Superstars"

Comments: See you soon.

Name: Paul Miles

From: Perth, Western Australia

Got Here: Surfed on in dude

Comments: Gday Timbo, Can't wait to hear the new CD!!! Rock on, Paul*

Name: Elton John :)

From: Lyons


Got Here: You told me to, ya git:)

Comments: Not bad, just a couple of things

  1. I'd remove the phone number from the tape's old

  2. Buck Cherry is one word....Buckcherry

  3. I'm not a big fan of black on blue, it's hard to see for blind git's like me

  4. Maybe a Chaos Music (or any online music store) link on the influences page?

Cheers, I'll talk to you soon


Name: Ross Goodfellow

From: Here and there

Email: I've been shown how to use it

Got Here: Using the little round mousy thingy

Comments: He's a lovely boy.

Name: David Goodrich

From: Sydney


Got Here: Nick

Comments: Go for it.

Name: Artie Laing

From: Sydney


Got Here: You told me

Comments: You are a talented son-of-a-bitch.

Name: Paul Grant

From: Canberra


Got Here: Typing on the keyboard

Comments: Great site Tim, see you on Sunday.

Name: Greg Indriksons

From: Adelaide


Got Here: Umm, well let me think. Maybe you told me about the site yourself

Comments: Well done mate. You are definitely going places now. Keep up the good work and knock 'em dead!

Name: Loren Dunn

From: Kambah


Got Here: Flew on a really big plane

Comments: The sound is great, Look forward to hearing your CD. Cheers.

Name: Dick Gibbons

From: Chimp Hill, CA


Got Here: Ask my mom and dad

Comments: You gotta be cruel to be kind - 80's lyrics belong in the 80's, duuuuude. But the guitars and drums sound awesome!

Name: Derek Emerson-Elliott

From: Theodore


Got Here: I read the web site address off an Tim James CD cover

Comments: Tim James playes music as it should be played - with feeling as well as technical skill. My sons and I have admired his work for many years, and know he will reach the stars.

Name: Marja Rouse

From: Canberra


Got Here: I met Tim at Woden Plaza and bought the CD

Comments: Great music and lyrics, Tim you are doing a great job helping people to realize their dreams but especially helping people with disabilities. I am sure you will achieve great things.

Name: Daniel Baxter

From: Duffy, Canberra

Got here: Remembered website address from Woden Square Sat 3/4/04

Comments: This guy's music is great. Not only is Tim a really nice guy... but he has talent. If you haven't heard his music then you're missing out. If you have but haven't heard him play live... you're still missing out. And I'm missing out until I get one of those CDs! err what.

Name: Philip John Brown

From: Canberra

Got here: friend

Comments: Very good website, however, you need a direct link between contact and Outlook Express, so people can send emails without leaving the site. I've seen this done. Usually Outlook Express appears with your email address already in the address bar. Technically speaking, you can click on the Outlook Express icon on the toolbar, however, not everyone is computer literate. Cheers Phil.