TJ James


  • The Spastic Centre - A great charity which I fully support, that helps people who have cerebral palsy (of which I am a sufferer) to build better lives and follow their dreams, check it out.
  • - homepage for the artist called Hope, a good friend of mine. The page is currently being revised and a link will be placed here when it becomes available.
  • PavMusic - site for my manager and his various business areas.
  • Billboard Magazine - The music industry bible, all the news that matters.
  • Cinderella online - The official Cinderella web site. Cool 80's rock band, still loud and proud.
  • International Churches of Christ - The official web site for The International Churches Of Christ, of which I am a member. Not quite what you might expect so check it out.
  • Motley Crüe - The official Motley Crüe site, the coolest band there ever was.
  • Metal Edge - The coolest hard rock magazine around, and a very informative site.
  • Poison Online - The official Poison website. Another great 80's rock band, still going strong.
  • Rolling Stone Magazine - One of the longest running music magazines and a very informative site, something for everyone.
  • Cheap Trick online - Cool band from the 70's that's still going strong today. They also boast one of the greatest singers to ever pick up a microphone - Robin Zander - check it out.
  • Chronological Crüe - One of the best unofficial Motley Crüe sites on the internet, Chronological Crüe is a Motley fans dream come true check it out.
  • Kissonline - The official web page for one of the greatest rock bands of all time, the one one band responsible for making me wanna "Rock And Roll All Nite" and my parents freak, so check it out.